2018 Face Anti Wrinkle 90 Capsules

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Type: Face Serum Moisturizer
Cream Feature: Anti-Aging/Anti wrinkles/Whitening
Bottle Size: approx. 8.7cm*4.8cm*4.8cm
Package: 1 Bottle (90 piece)
Product Features: The essence is pure and pure, without stimulation, each essence is sealed in a separate package, no pollution, every time with one, make sure that each use is fresh concentrated essence beauty care for your skin! Totally free of additives and preservatives. At the same time because the essence of the molecule is very delicate, completely absorbed by the skin, never lead to fat granule. Ingredients: rich citrus essence, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E) other natural active ingredients to prevent premature skin aging wrinkles Leaves skin smooth and delicate, making the skin more smooth, the rationale for Canada and bright. Usage: 1. Cut off the rubber ball mouth and apply it to the face, neck and body before going to bed early in the morning and at night, and apply to any skin. One grain at a time!
2. Apply proper amount to the face and gently massage for 2 to 3 minutes after cleansing each morning and evening.



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